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From the China Gateway environmental report
Foul Water Drainage
It is considered that an on-site treatment plant or system of local treatment plants is
feasible and would provide a more cost effective and sustainable solution to disposal of
foul drainage. The technology for local waste water treatment plants is already
established and there are a range of sizes for this type of plant from a domestic to an
industrial size with capacity for over 1,000 people.
Typically these plants are compact, self-contained, single piece treatment plants that
utilise natural biological processes to effectively break down the pollutants in domestic and
commercial waste water producing clean water that may be discharged into the surface
drainage system. Periodic maintenance of the plant is necessary to remove settled out
The market leader in provision of these waste water treatment plants is Klargester and
they were invited to provide a costed proposal for sewerage treatment at the development
site. Typical details of the treatment plants supplied by Klargester have been provided in
Appendix 4 for information.
Klargester are currently developing several options to provide a range of sizes for these
plants that may be either centrally located in each phase or provided locally for each
industrial unit or group of business units. Depending on the system proposed for
management of Manston Business Park these treatment plants could be maintained
centrally, or responsibility could be delegated to the leaseholders of the individual
development units. The proposals from Klargester are currently outstanding, but they
have given an undertaking to supply these by the end of March.