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Michaels Bookshop Ramsgate
Website update from 28th April 2015

Michaels Bookshop is a general mainly secondhand bookshop in Southeast England. The stock consists of around 25,000 secondhand books priced to compete with internet book prices, around 160 books and maps about the local area, mostly Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate.

Our publications, books about Ramsgate Margate Broadstairs these are all available to buy in our bookshop as well as online, we also do several historic maps of the area which we sell in the shop only.

New acquisitions gives you daily updates on the books we have for sale in the shop.  

Browse the books in the bookshop I guess anyone using the various internet book sites knows that while you can usually find a book you are looking for, if you know the title or author, it is pretty much impossible to browse books like you can in a bookshop. We are taking the approach of photographing the books on the shelves in the bookshop and putting the photos on the internet in a way that is roughly organised in the same way as the bookshop

Thanetonline Blog is my personal blog about local issues here in the Ramsgate area, its been going a long time and if you work back through it there is a lot of local history and politics.