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Title 16
Subject: FW: gazette letter for friday FYI Date: 21/05/2008 11:42:09 GMT Standard Time From:
Reply To:

If Ken Wills’ CGP plc/Jet Summit Aviation could pollute our water supply and Matt Clarke of Infratil already is (along with air and noise pollution) – what do we pay our council and MP’s for?
There’s a public meeting tonight and next Friday from 7pm at Albion House (Ramsgate’s Town Hall) to create the interim Ramsgate Town Council and begin the process of improving Ramsgate and ending the failed and undemocratic policies at TDC.

With appalling developments like China Gateway and Manston cargo airport, ever-increasing council tax, white elephant projects, bloated salaries and pointless bureaucracy TDC is Britain’s worst Council.
All welcome and the aim is to create an apolitical Interim Town Council that will meet every month from now on, with a working constitution and an agreed date of election.

Tired of pollution from Manston, poisoned drinking water and overbuilding in Ramsgate and general TDC incompetence?
Now’s the time to be rid of our failed Council and Councillors.

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate
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