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My attempts learn about the Pleasurama project have lead me into a dialogue with Thanet District Council about their website and the way they pass on correspondence to councillors. Click on the links above to read the correspondence.

At this point something starts to happen

Subject: Re: TDC website Date: 12/10/2006 10:46:23 GMT Standard Time From: Richard.Samuel@thanet.gov.uk
Reply To:
roger.latchford@btinternet.com, johnkirby1941@hotmail.com, Brian.White@thanet.gov.uk, John.Bunnett@thanet.gov.uk

Thank you for alerting us to the communication problems you have been
experiencing. I have instructed that they are sorted out asap.

Your questions are easily answered and if you had sought the answers
from an officer or Cllr John Kirby you would have received a quick

To answer your specific questions.

The developer expects to commence work in Spring 2007

The contractor is not currently known and is a matter for the developer

The cliff works will be undertaken after groundworks and piling have
been completed to avoid further destabilisation of the cliff face. TDC
is paying for this work and has set aside 450k to meet the cost.

The delay over the past year has been due to a number of factors
including dealing with highway approvals and the complications this has
created for the legal agreement.

Sent from my Blackberry wireless handheld

Richard Samuel
Chief Executive
Thanet District Council
Cecil St
01843 577002
Email richard.samuel@thanet.gov.uk

>>> <MichaelChild@aol.com> 10/12 10:22 >>>
Thank you for your prompt response. I will reply personally to each
over the next few days.

My main point however is that a council officer has presumably received
email to you, an email that you evidently wished to receive, and has not
it on to you.

Even at this point I have not received confirmation that my email has
received and forwarded from committee@thanet.gov.uk so I don't know if I
contacted any of the councillors that I haven't had a reply from.

Kind regards Michael Child

Subject: Re: TDC website Date: 12/10/2006 12:24:45 GMT Standard Time From: johnkirby1941@hotmail.com
Reply To:
MichaelChild@aol.com, Richard.Samuel@thanet.gov.uk
roger.latchford@btinternet.com, Brian.White@thanet.gov.uk, John.Bunnett@thanet.gov.uk
Sent on:
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Just making contact with my E mail address - I am now away on holiday until 30th october - please feel free to contact me direct .; best wishes john kirby
Subject: Re: TDC website Date: 12/10/2006 13:06:25 GMT Standard Time From: Michael Child
Reply To:
roger.latchford@btinternet.com, Brian.White@thanet.gov.uk, John.Bunnett@thanet.gov.uk

Dear Clr.Kirby
While I am glad to know you are off on your holls and like the stars, and am wondering if this could be a scam, you seem to have omitted the reply from; your reply.