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Second freedom of information request 14.10.2009
Re: Thanet District Council - Information Request Acknowledgement
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Hi ******* many thanks I have never gone down the foi road before, I have always tried to get individual council departments to send me information without pressure.
With this Pleasurama thing I am now rather up against the wall because the contractor and developer have started consulting with me to try and get a reasonable and safe development built.
My main difficulty is that as I donít know what documents there are that may pertain to this I dont necessarily know what to ask for.
The following would help but as I donít know if they exist or what they are called I donít know how to ask for them.
1 Any condition report on or survey of the cliff façade behind the development behind the development more recent than the principle condition report of April 2005 which I already have.
2 Any documents pertaining to the condition of the Marina Esplanade incline viaduct, I am particularly interested to know how the load bearing capabilities were calculated, the weight limit at the moment is 40 tonnes, my own stress calculations were much more in the order of 10 tonnes.
3 Any flood risk assessment pertaining to the Pleasurama site.

Your FOI ref; 11594
16/10/2009 10:49:03 GMT Daylight Time
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16 October 2009

Ref No:11594/0

Dear Mr Child,

Please accept this email as acknowledgement of the receipt of your
further email dated 14th October regarding the above FOI request.

This has been passed on to the relevant Manager for a response within 20
working days.

Yours sincerely,

Business Support Manager