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From Blog 17.11.2009
This is for council officers who are not allowed to access blogger.

Well actually not quite true as when the council had used up the seven hundred thousand grand of your money they borrowed three hundred grand on your behalf.

Click on the link to see what I mean I am now asking them how much money they have spent on other aspects of the project so far, I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

I have replied to the response I had to the official complaint I made about the ongoing saga.

Click on the link to read my reply
As no one at Thanet District Council seems to know what to say about the Pleasurama saga everything is met with the longest possible delay. For example the council have to respond to a complaint in 10 working days, which sounds fine, what happens with complaints relating to Pleasurama if my last one is anything to go by is this.

The Major Developments Officer replies on the last possible day.

It then goes on to the head of his department who has to reply within 10 working days, he replies on the last possible day.

It then goes on to the chief executive who has 10 working days to reply, he replies on the last possible day.

Add on to this the couple of days it takes me to absorb and reply to each one and you have another week, so all in all that is seven weeks.

It is only after this that I can take the matter to the local government ombudsman i.e. a senior civil servant outside of TDC who will take about a month to come up with the answers.
This is what happened with the flood risk issue and resulted in the EA report going into the public domain see

Now my questions all have to go through this process, questions which relate to things like how come you spent a million pounds on fudging up and painting the cliff face, even though I told you that as it had some of its foundations missing, the work was a waste of time with out sorting these our first?

Or how come you have boarded off a load more space down there, when you say you won’t start proper construction work until 2011?

The big question of course is why wont the council just tell us what the hell is going on?

I have decorated this post with the only pictures that the council have paid to have put online to show the people of Ramsgate what this development may look like.
You may wish to click on them to enlarge them to get some idea of the brave new world that the architect and council envisaged for us, the architect is the same one used for China gateway who wanted the industrial and human sewage there to be passed though on site septic tanks and dumped into our drinking water supply.

Richard Eastcliff said...
Quite apart from the atrocious waste of public money, what about the view from the prom? No more gazing down at our lovely Blue Flag beach. It look likes all we'll be able to see is the rubber-ribbed condominium roof!
17 November 2009 13:25

Richard Eastcliff said...
Er, I meant 'looks like'. These days I tend to down a couple of Morrinovs before lunch.
17 November 2009 13:28

Michael Child said...
Richard I have added a detail from the first set of plans (bottom of post) to illustrate your points.
17 November 2009 13:37

Anonymous said...
I have always understood that council officials were employed to advise the council and carry out their orders. These orders might be decided at a local political level or sub-contracting directives from national government.

This looks like an ideal time to raise your questions and concerns with all the prospective parliamentary candidates for Thanet South & North and see what answers you receive. If they can't get any answers or at least finger the bottleneck they would be crap as an MP and not worth a vote.
17 November 2009 14:09

JH said...
Michael, Have you been in touch with Laura Sandys to see if she can help?
17 November 2009 15:04

Michael Child said...
14.09 and JH I have approached all of the local politicians on numerous occasions about this matter, apart from the Thanet North labour candidate, as I have been unable to locate his email address.

I started writing to my MP about this sometime in 2003 well before the planning application was approved, however I believe it would help if other people wrote to both their town, district, national and European representatives and prospective candidates.
17 November 2009 15:28