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1836 Mockett's Journal           


ISBN 1905477368


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A4 88 Pages

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John Mockett (1775~1848) was a farmer in the Isle of Thanet at the beginning of the 1800s. He was a churchwarden to St. Peters Broadstairs in the Ilae of Thanet at a time when local government was administered by the parish so he had considerable responsibility for the care of the population and the environment. This publication is the result of a journal kept by him and members of his family. It is filled with amusing information about our history the following are some examples. When coaches first appeared in England a law was passed to prevent men from riding in them as it was thought too effeminate. When the peace was celebrated at St. Peters in 1814, 436 poor persons and stewards were seated at a table 132 feet long, with about 8 inches of table each it must have been a bit cramped, admission was by ticket all had to bring their own knives and forks.

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Portrait of John Mockett courtesy Kit Mockett