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only summary so far

RTC responded to the RSP survey and commented that the ‘consultation’ was flawed in many ways and that the proposal for a Cargo Hub was unlikely to benefit the economy of Ramsgate nor improve the well being of Ramsgate residents. The ‘consultation’ has no more validity than any other survey and probably is a good less reliable than the Commonplace survey carried out by the Neighbourhood Planning Team.
If RSP wish to restore the airport at Manston it should offer to purchase the land from its current owners and submit a detailed planning application, which could then be considered and scrutinised by the various authorities. Instead what is being proposed is a sequestration of privately owned land ostensibly for the purposes of restoring an airport so that cargo could be handled, without much care or reference to the wishes of the residents of Ramsgate. It is far too early to consider what amelioration could be done in terms of compensation, double glazing or noise reduction, because we do not even have a proper proposal to discuss.
In essence what we have is a lot of noises off and a PR campaign to drive up support for a project that  is as likely to divide rather than bring together an already divided community. I would hope that our political leaders would seek to increase community cohesion by promoting policies that increase this cohesion and let market forces, tempered by community interests to resolve this matter.