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A German study of more than 2,000 heart attack patients in the European Heart Journal found that those exposed to more than 60 decibels noise had an increased risk of heart attack.
The researchers thought that noise increased stress and anger, which increased blood pressure.
Examination of the map suggested that residents of Windsor are subjected to noise above 60 decibels as a result of being within ten miles of Heathrow.
Similarly, the people of Stockport fall within the 60 decibel limit living eight miles from Manchester airport. A plane taking off generates 140 decibels. At 120 decibels a human experiences pain.
Researchers have linked loud noise to illness and educational problems in children.
In February, a European Commission-funded study of people living near airports found that the roar of engines instantly raised blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure.
In 2005, a team from Queen Mary's School of Medicine, London, said loud aircraft noise could impair children's ability to read and perform memory tests.
Ministers claim that the maps, which have been drawn up to meet a European directive, will be used to cut noise in the worst affected areas.
”They will provide a springboard to go forward and tackle unnecessary and unreasonable noise pollution,” said Jonathan Shaw, the Environment Minister.
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