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Thanet Labour Party Manifesto 2011 Summary
Printed & Promoted by Michelle Fenner on behalf of South Thanet Labour Party, 28-30 Newington Road, Ramsgate CT12 6EE & Iris Johnston of North Thanet Labour Party, 44 Northdown Road, Margate CT9 2RW, on behalf of all Labour Candidates for Thanet District Council.

Labour will insist on Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks for ALL councillors.
Labour will commence the process of reducing the number of Councillors from the current 56 towards a more realistic number. This will have financial benefits.

Labour will reduce Councillors' Special Responsibility Allowances by 20% to provide funds for Councillors' Community Projects.

Labour brought the fast train to Thanet. We will support moves to reduce the travel time to London but not at the expense and environmental damage of a new Parkway Station and the closure of Ramsgate Station.
Labour will support the development of Manston Airport but will always be mindful of the impact on residents and the environment.

Labour will implement a policy of no flights during the hours of 23:00 to 07:00, except emergency landings and humanitarian flights.

Labour will work with the airport operators to ensure that the Section 106 Agreement is properly enforced.

Labour will insist the Section 106 agreement is immediately renegotiated and strengthened.

Labour will insist proper flying routes are agreed and used at all times.
Labour will support the upgrade of the road network around Westwood to cope with the increase in traffic.

Labour will see that Tourism gets the real support denied over the past eight years.

Labour will continue the regeneration of Margate Seafront.

Labour will act to resolve the problems at Dreamland and seek a first class tourism product for this important area.
Labour will support the development of Ramsgate Royal Harbour and Port.

Labour will take every opportunity to encourage economic regeneration and the development of new businesses whilst ensuring that strong environmental controls are maintained.

Labour will encourage both educational and training opportunities for local residents.
Labour will ensure that wherever possible only `brownfield sites' will be developed.
Labour will ensure that the Council housing stock is maintained to a high standard.

Labour believes that everyone should have a decent home and will tackle the number of unfit homes.

Labour will fully implement Labour legislation on HMO's and the licensing of private sector landlords to improve the condition of rented homes.

Labour will use all the powers available to improve the quality of life for residents experiencing nuisance neighbours.

Labour will take every opportunity to increase the supply of social housing.

Labour will use the Planning Process to maximise the number of affordable homes on new housing developments.

Labour will do everything possible to reverse the rise in homelessness.

Labour will ensure that all planning applications will be subject to genuine public consultation.

Labour will legislate to ensure that for every tree removed three replacement trees will be planted within Thanet.

Labour will resist attempts to build on well -used community open green spaces.

Labour will support sustainable and eco-sensitive housing and commercial development in appropriate locations.

Labour will work positively with any potential developer who is committed to creating a first class tourist attraction which will bring more visitors and badly needed employment to Thanet.

Labour will make Improving the quality of life for Thanet's residents is a priority.

Labour will work towards improving public parks and open spaces, making them cleaner and safer places for the residents to enjoy.

Labour will protect and improve our current tree stock and proactively encourage the planting of more trees.

Labour will continue to oppose the hunting of live animals with hounds and transporting live animals to and from our ports.

Labour will protect animal rights and seek to increase our current wildlife habitats.

Labour believes that it is important for communities to have local facilities that can be used by all.

Labour will work with local agencies to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Labour will work with local agencies to reduce drug -related problems.

Labour will protect Thanet's natural resources.

Labour will apply the highest environmental standards to Thanet's beaches.

Labour will properly manage the collection of refuse and increase the level of recycling.

Labour will properly clean our streets and Town Centres.

Labour will take rigorous enforcement action against people responsible for littering, graffiti and dog fouling.

Labour will publish a full report on the state of the Thanet's finances.

Labour will ensure that your council taxes are spent prudently for the benefit all residents.

Labour will ensure rigorous financial monitoring.

Labour will ensure that adequate reserves are maintained.

Labour will ensure resources are allocated fairly.

Labour will ensure the allocation of funds for the Disabilities Facilities Grant.

Labour will seek resources for capital investment through the disposal of unused and unwanted assets, subject to genuine public consultation.

Labour will ensure the highest possible collection rate of Council Tax and Business Rates.

Labour will encourage people to develop a healthy life style by making available sporting activities at an affordable cost.

Labour will seek finance to improve Thanet's sport and leisure facilities and work with local providers.