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I have gleaned (stolen) the information on these pages from the Ramsgate first website click here to go there. I have copied it here too as their site is to be replaced soon.

The table below lays out what a parish council can do an in the first instance I gather the parish council would make itself a town council taking over the charter trustees and appointing a mayor.
Power to provide allotment gardens and duty to do so if demanded by local electors
Appointment of Officers
Power to appoint officers to discharge any function of the parish council as directed by it, nearly always a parish clerk and sometimes a neighbourhood manager, linesmen, village sweeper and other workers
Bathing Places and Wash Houses
Power to provide swimming baths, public bathing places and wash houses (including laundrettes)
Burial Grounds, Cemeteries and Crematoria
Power to provide such grounds or facilities
Bus Stops and Shelters
Power to provide bus stops and shelters
Bye Laws
Power to enact bye laws regarding pleasure grounds, cycle parks, baths and wash houses, open spaces and mortuaries.
Power to act as trustee of any parochial charities serving the parish and duty to receive the accounts of such charities
Power to provide public clocks
Closed churchyards
Power to maintain closed churchyards
Power to regulate and maintain commons
Community Facilities
Power to provide such facilities for the use of local individuals, community groups and societies
Conference Facilities
Power to provide such facilities
Crime Prevention
Power to take steps to prevent crime, such as installing CCTV, requiring and paying for additional policing of the parish, installing burglar alarms and strong locks, and assisting neighbourhood watch schemes
Delivery of Local Authority Services
Right to act as an agent for the local district or borough, county or unitary authority and deliver nearly any services or amenities that would otherwise be provided for the parish by that local authority
Power to deal with ponds and ditches
Power to appoint representation to the governing body of any primary school serving the parish
Entertainment and the Arts
Power to provide entertainments and support the arts
Free Resource
Power to spend a limited amount of money as set by the Secretary of State on anything the parish council deems to be of benefit for the parish or its inhabitants
Power to accept gifts on behalf of the parish
Power to maintain public footpaths, light roads and public places, provide litter bins, provide parking for vehicles, to acquire rights of way, provide traffic signs and other notices, and to give or withhold consent as to the stopping up or diversion of any public highway
Power to participate in schemes of collective investment
Power to compulsory purchase land in certain circumstances and to establish new rights of way
Power to provide litter bins and similar facilities
Power to provide a lottery within the parish
National Parks
Right to have representation appointed onto the authority of any National Park the parish falls under
Open Spaces
Power to acquire land
Parish Property and Documents
Duty to manage and hold any property and public documents on behalf of the parish
Planning Applications
Right to be notified and consulted regarding any planning applications affecting the parish
Public Building and Village Halls
Power to provide such buildings for public use
Public Conveniences
Power to provide such facilities
Power to acquire land for recreation purposes and to provide sports and leisure facilities
School Governors
Power to appoint a Primary School Governor
Telecommunication Facilities
Power to require and pay a telephone company to provide additional public telephones
Power to take steps to encourage local tourism
Town Declaration
Power to declare the parish to be a town, in which case the parish council becomes known as a town council, the chair and vice chair become the town mayor and deputy town mayor, and the parish clerk becomes the town clerk
Power to provide car sharing schemes, community mini buses and other transport for the benefit of the parish
Village Greens
Power to provide and duty to protect
War Memorials
Power to maintain war memorials
Water Supply
Power to utilise any clean source to provide facilities for obtaining water, such as an parish pump