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1779  The Kentish Traveller's Companion           

Thomas Fisher

ISBN 9781905477180


Price including Postage

144 pp tall A4 folded format

The Kentish Traveller's Companion is the first tourist guide to the county of Kent. First published in 1776 it had reached its 5th edition by the end of the century so reflecting the growth of tourism in the latter part of the 1700s.

This is a reprint of my copy of the much-expanded 2nd edition of 1779. The 2nd edition is generally considered the best it being the last edited by the author.

As well as being a bookseller and a printer of Rochester, the author Mr. Thomas Fisher was an alderman of the city.

It is considered among antiquaries to be an extremely useful book as the previous books about the county are histories with very little information about the period they were written in.

You can expect an original copy to cost over £100 today. The 9 maps in this edition on separate pages were published on 3 foldout sheets in the original.

We have once again used this tall format with 2 pages of the original on one page, as the original is published in fairly small format, the text comes out about the same size.

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