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The Cry From The Sea and the Answer From The Shore           

ISBN: 9781905477876

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Rev. T Stanley Treanor wrote three books about the Goodwin Sands the first being "Heroes of the Goodwin sands" which is mainly about the work of the Deal, Walmer and Ramsgate Lifeboats, it is already in print published by another publisher. The next being "The Log of a Sky Pilot". Seamen call clergymen sky pilots. That book is mainly about his work as the Missions to Seamen Chaplain for the Downs and is published by us in this format. This is his third and final book on the subjects covering as it does his work and that of the lifeboatmen. At this time Treanor's boat the lifeboats and all of the other small open boats were either powered by the wind or by the crew of the boat rowing it.

Click here to read sample pages and my notes about the author costal navigation and the Goodwin Sands