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1937 Sunny Broadstairs           



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A4 Stapled card covers 100 pages

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illustrated with black and white photographs throughout

I hope all of the people interested in Broadstairs are pleased with this, the latest of my local publications, a reprint of my 72 year old guide to Broadstairs, it's my 92nd book in print it gives an interesting insight into seaside holidays between the wars.

The advertisements that form more than half of the book would have financed the publication of the original, now they are of as much interest to the local historian as the rest of the guide.

I have tried to make the reprint as like the original as possible, my thanks to Simon who works here on Saturdays and did most of the work on the production of this publication.

I think there must have been problems with the printing of the original as some of text has been corrected by the publisher gluing on correction slips over the text, I am lucky in this respect as printing the books as I need them minor corrections can easily be made.  

Due to World War 2 clothing rationing that lasted until the middle of the 1950s there was little change in what people wore between 1935 and 1955, this makes it difficult to determine the dates of photographs, especially monochrome ones, within this 20 year period. Having dated photographically illustrated guides for this period is very helpful, the pre-war guides are particularly difficult to find as most of them were pulped due to the wartime paper shortage.