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400 Facts and Curiosities of Ramsgate 1937           

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I find the more I produce these little reprints of long out of print books the less I am inclined to modify them. If you want to place all of the things mentioned as now in this booklet, I also produce a street directory for 1938-39 that will help solve these little puzzles for you.

Like most of the books I have produced there is a little story as to how it occurred. Bob Hinge was in the bookshop buying local books for a talk he was about to give on Short Bros, the Kent aircraft manufacturer, and we chatted about local books and of course putting the world to rights. In the course of the conversation it emerged that he hadn't got a copy of “A Short History” by J M Preston which is a history of Shorts, so I lent him my copy as its not a common book and I doubted that a copy would turn up in time. Yesterday Bob returned the book and lent me his copy of this book for reprinting.

Its very hard to find copies of it now like many things published just before the Second World War most copies were lost. As I have permission to reprint John Huddlestone's books I am keen to track them all down and get on with the job.

Well many thanks to Bob for sharing it with us all. I hope John Huddlestone, now sadly passed away, would have been pleased with the result and that you (my customers) all are. I have retained the original typeface to help give the atmosphere of the 1930s although it is a little splodgey  in places.

It only remains to say that I have learnt quite a lot of  facts and curiosities about Ramsgate that I didn't know before but as my knowledge of local history is still pretty appalling this was to be expected.