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Historic Thanet by James Simson 1891           

By James Simson
First printed by R.E. Boulter, Effingham House, Effingham Street, Ramsgate.

I.SB.N. 9781905477494
Format - A4 folded lengthways. 85 Printed pages with card cover.
Gives a description of the following and more...
Chapter One: -
Prehistoric Thanet; Landing of the Romans under Julius Caesar; The first fortified harbour in Britain; Origin of the Cinque Ports; Departure of the Romans; Landing of the Saxons at Ebbsfleet.
Chapter Two: - Richborough. Chapter Three: - Reculver. Chapter Four: - Ebbsfleet, Including the landing of Hengist & Horsa. Chapter Five: - Stonar, The town destroyed by the French, Cliffs End, Pegwell Bay, The Belle Vue & West Cliff Lodge. Chapters Six & Seven: - Minster, the first convent, St. Mildred, her fame as a Saint. Chapter Eight: - Monkton, Mount Pleasant, Ozengall. Chapter Nine: - St. Lawrence, Restoration of the tower in 1887, Additional parish buildings erected, Restoration of the Chancel in 1890, The parish included in the borough of Ramsgate, Manston, Convent of Our Lady of the Assumption, Ellington House, Nethercourt. Chapters Ten, Eleven & Twelve: - Ramsgate, Smetons work on the harbour, Hoys superseded by steamboats, Royal Harbour, Queen Victoria, Lifeboat, Smuggling, Jacobs Ladder. Chapter Thirteen: - Broadstairs, The Flint Gate, Pier erected by the Culmer family, The Shrine of St. Mary of Bradstow, Dickens and Bleak House, North Foreland and Kingsgate. Chapters Fourteen & Fifteen: Margate, Jetty, Sea Bathing Infirmary, Church of St. John, Draperís Hospital, Salmestone Grange, Nash Court, Garlinge and Westgate. Chapter Sixteen: - Birchington, etymology of the name, Quex Park, The story of Bon Crispe, Woodchurch, The Ville of Sarre St. Nicholas at Wade, Acol and Chapter Seventeen: - Sandwich.
Illustrations added include: -Broadstairs Harbour, Reculver, Sandwich, West Cliff Lodge, Minster, St. Lawrence, Old Jacobs Ladder, Ramsgate, Holy Trinity Margate.
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