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Adventures in Oysterville           

A5 size staple-bound booklet 64pp B&W illustrations and text. Before the development of the Oyster fisheries from 1864, Hampton consisted of a couple of farmhouses (a common English place name, ‘Hampton’ means ‘Home Farm’), the Beehive beer-house and a few cottages situated around a brook, mainly occupied by the Mount and Quick families. Illustrations include: - fishermen’s cottages c.1864; The old Hampton farmhouse 1933; a view of Hampton in the 1870’s; a map of the Herne Bay area c.1875; Hampton Terrace in Herncliffe Gardens; Hampton Pier c.1900; Hampton Inn & Pier c.1910; Reid’s Ranch – 4 Eddington Gardens ( Edmund Reid, a Metropolitan Police Detective during the Jack the Ripper murders moved into No.4 he quickly became a local celebrity with his eccentric behaviour); The village pump c.1910; many views of the disappearing Herncliffe Gardens before and after demolition; Studd Hill Estate and many more

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