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A Boatman's Tale           

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A4 format – card covers – 66 Printed Pages.

‘Explores the history of the Lifeboat service’
“The first part of a ‘Boatman’s Tale’ is an account of the lives and times of the East Kent maritime community”
Chapters include: -
Kulmer’s Legacy – “The various members’ of Culmer family seem to have inspired the little fishing port of Bradstowe, now Broadstairs, for by their efforts over many years, in having constructed the first pier there and later defensive fortification and the main harbour road as such, contributed substantially to the development of that place……”
The Shrine of Our Ladye of Bradstowe – “The Shrine of Our Ladye Star of the Sea in Bradstowe; was an old chapel that dated back at least to the 1350s…..”
The Goodwin Sands – “The Goodwin Sands are said to be all that remains of an ancient island known as ‘Lomea’…..”
In the Beginning: The Lifebaot Story – “Upon the death of the 3rd Baron Crewe in the year 1721 the ‘Crewe Trust’ was established….”
The Ramsgate Tugboats – “A Lifeboat Station was established at Ramsgate as early as 1802…”
Rescue of the Mary White; Culmer White and the Bradstowe Boatmen 1841-71; The Great Fire of Whitstable – “It was on the evening of Wednesday 16th November 1869….”; Suicide in Broadstairs; Frederick George Holbourne, A Ramsgate Shipwright; The Great Storm of Margate – “ The great storm of Margate in 1897 could not be matched to any other natural disaster in local history from living memory, a cyclone had just about destroyed the town…”; The Great War; 1916 The Great Explosion of Faversham; The North Deal Boatmen – (picture of ‘All hands to the Deal Boathouse); Seamen of the Downs; The Cap Lopez 1907 – “The boatmen at Kingsdown, near Deal in Kent once maintained a fleet of over a dozen luggers….”; The Lizzie May 1908; The Mahratta 1909; The Henrich 1910; The Montrose 1914; The Proba 1915; The Toogo 1919; The German Submarine U48; The Alma 1917 and many more…

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