Title 1     |    This series of pages of pictures of The Isle of Thanet mostly Ramsgate I have published to illustrate postings on the Thanetonline blog over the last few months, if you want more detailed explanations click here to go to the blog and work your way back through the old postings, 30.09.2008

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Hi Richard
Please forgive my mistake I had assumed that the letter from Brian (at the bottom of this email) was the he responding on your behalf. On examining his original letter, which was an attached word document, I discovered a strange embedded squiggle where his signature should be
 and realise that this may have been some sort of code that the letter was to be ignored.
Best regards Michael.
In a message dated 27/08/2008 17:20:50 GMT Daylight Time, Richard.Samuel@thanet.gov.uk writes:
Dear Mr Child

Thank you for copying your latest email to the Ombudsman to me. I have
responded to the Ombudsman to request that he does not progress your
complaint until the Council's complaint procedure is exhausted. This is
the Ombudsman's normal practice. Your email of the 15th was acknowledged
on the 18th by my PA who indicated that I would reply to you within 10
working days as per the Council's complaints standard. By my reckoning
that is the 1st September. After that date if you remain disatisfied
with my response then I have no doubt you will pursue your complaint.

Richard Samuel
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>>> <MichaelChild@aol.com> 27/08/2008 12:01 >>>

Dear Ombudsman  
Firstly my previous complaint appears to have now had a desirable
result and
thank you for your efforts there.
I have  an unresolved complaint again this time, it is that, Thanet
District Council has chosen to restrict access to comments on the
website, that is on the public facing part of the website only.
I now  wish to raise this to LGO level could you please put me in touch
appropriate officer.
Best regards Michael

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RE:  TH/08/0400  
02/06/2008 08:26:17  GMT Standard Time  
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Reply To:
_MichaelChild@aol.com_ (mailto:MichaelChild@aol.com)
Dear Michael,
The  reason your comment is not showing on the UKPlanning website is
due to
Thanet`s public access choices. Thanet District Council choose to
access to these comments at this case status on the public facing
Kind Regards
Ryan Shearer
UKPlanning Operations Supervisor

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From: MichaelChild@aol.com [mailto:MichaelChild@aol.com]
Sent: 30 May 2008 16:51
To: ukp-queries
Subject: TH/08/0400
Hi I commented on  application TH/08/0400 about a week ago but the
never appeared, was it lost in cyberspace, do I need to do it again?

Best regards Michael

Mr M Child  
72 King Street Ramsgate Kent
CT11 8NY

26 August 2008
Dear Mr Child  
Thank you for your email of 15 August, 2008.  
The Chief Executive has asked me to reply because your complaint
service provided to you  regarding Town and Country Planning and this
is one of
my management responsibilities.
To respond to complaints, the Council has put in place its Complaints

Procedure. The Procedure  comprises three stages, effectively an
within the responsible service area, then review if the complainant
unsatisfied by the Line Manager and ultimately reviewed by a senior
Your complaint has been investigated by me, reviewed by the Corporate

Director, and then finally by the Chief Executive. All three of us
have explained
that the Council does not restrict information on planning application
files -
and indeed this year the Council will have all consultation responses
current planning applications on its website. A service improvement I
am sure
you will welcome.  
However, you still seem  to be adamant that your complaint has not been

answered. This being the case it is appropriate for you to contact the
Government Ombudsman. The Council will be happy to provide the
Ombudsman with all
the correspondence on this subject.
Yours sincerely  

Brian White  
Head of Development Services Direct Dial; 01843 577007

John Bunnett, Corporate Director
Thanet District Council PO Box 9
Cecil Street  
CT9 1 XZ  
01843577000 _www.thanet.qov.uk_ (http://www.thanet.qov.uk/)  

Hi Richard thank you for looking into my complaint, unfortunately you seem to have missed my actual complaint which was: I am complaining that Thanet District Council has chosen to restrict access to comments on the UKPlanning website, that is on the public facing part of the website only.
While your thoughts on my correspondence with John are helpful your letter doesn't actually address my complaint, I don't really want to raise this to the LGO I am assuming this is an oversight on your part that is easily rectified, however I haven't heard from you by a week today I shall assume that you don't intend to respond to my complaint and pass it over to the LGO.
Best regards Michael