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Title 7
                                        5th June 08
Ms H Thorpe

Re: Sale of land and buildings (Asset Management)

My comments are as follows

Boundary Road toilets

Should not be sold - but safeguarded for public use and that TDC should talk to local community groups for them to either purchase this building or lease so as to retain its public use.

It could have been and still can be retained as part toilet/baby changing room and small café.  It has good disabled access.

Albion House

As we do not know what is happening to the Maritime Museum or Ramsgate visitor centre it is difficult to even make a proper response but given that Margate is retaining its former town hall then Ramsgate should also retain its own for public use.

Any sale of the upper floors should be arranged as a long lease and that the freehold is retained in public ownership to prevent problems for the Charter Trustees and the Ramsgate Parish council.  TDC should not discriminate between the two.

Public access must also be looked at and civic uses must also be looked at before any sale goes ahead as this is not only a prime location it is a historic location.

10 Albion place

Given that car parking is a problem in this area and that we have substantiated problems of emergency vehicle access…this disposal needs to be looked at carefully.  TDC could be liable under the new laws of corporate manslaughter if a direct link between any new structure and access problems as well as duty of care.  Also if TDC sells of the upper floors of Albion Place this will also increase the problem?  Should not TDC consult now with the emergency services before going ahead with this and let us know if any objections have been raised by them?

Motor Museum

This would make an ideal location for the Port Control which would free up assets for direct harbour use which would be more profitable.  Given that the East Pier landing stage is in a dangerous state and there are other problems then Port Control and other ancillary port services can be located under one roof without the need to increase the carbon footprint.

Located adjacent to the Motor Museum are the old downstairs public loos what's happened to them are they still in public ownership?

I cannot find any reference to the public toilets adjacent to the old Marina Lift why are these not included in the asset management?

I rather think TDC is cherry picking here and the pubic have not been told all?

Mr M S Kirkaldie