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Making the most of our property
Local people have only a few more days to have their say on the 16 sites that the Council are considering selling as part of the councilís plan to sell and redevelop property.
The 16 sites going out to consultation are located in Margate, Westbrook, Cliftonville, Broadstairs and Ramsgate and include Albion House and the Motor Museum in Ramsgate, Vere Road car and coach park in Broadstairs and Northdown House in Cliftonville.
This is part of the councilís Asset Management Plan, with all Council owned sites reviewed to see how cost effective, well maintained, well used and beneficial to the community they are. The proceeds raised from any sale will then be re-invested in to building new facilities for residents.
The consultation has been running since Monday 28 April. As part of this six week consultation period, three drop in sessions have already been held across Thanet to give residents the opportunity to view more detailed proposals for the sites and to speak with council officers who were on hand to answer any questions. Over 150 local people took part in this process.
Residents still have the chance to get their views in to the Council by writing to Communications, FREEPOST SEA 8273, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate CT9 1XZ or by emailing hannah.thorpe@thanet.gov.uk All comments must be received by no later than Friday 6 June 2008.
Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Culture and Economy, said: ďIt was encouraging to see so many residents attend the three drop in sessions held earlier this month. This is a process that we will be going through each year to ensure all the land and property we own provides the best possible value for money for local Council Tax payers. This means ensuring that residents have plenty of opportunity to give us their views before any final decisions are taken. Residents still have a few more days to get their views in to us, and I would encourage local people to take this opportunity to have their say if they havenít already.Ē
A full list of the sites and the proposals for future use can be viewed at www.thanet.gov.uk Copies of the full plans are available to view on request.
The 16 sites out to public consultation are:
Site: Booth Place, Margate (Cliftonville West)
Proposal: Suggested by local people that this should be developed as a garden with parking and small residential development.
Site: Dalby Square, Margate (Cliftonville West)
Proposal: Retention of green space with some housing development with improved road layout.
Site: Northdown House and depot, Margate (Cliftonville East)
Proposal: Residential conversion of the house, with possible ground floor retention for appropriate community use. Land adjacent to the depot to be developed with cottages.
Site: 45 Hawley Square, Margate (Margate Central)
Proposal: Residential or commercial use.
Site: 22 Cecil Square, Margate (Margate Central)
Proposal: The Post Office will remain, with the upper floors converted for commercial or residential use and the lower ground floor available for appropriate commercial use.
Site: Land adjacent to Media Centre, Margate (Margate Central)
Proposal: Potential residential or mixed use development.
Site: Land at Barnes Avenue, Westbrook, Margate (Westbrook)
Proposal: Will not involve significant built development and any use will be mainly community related.
Site: Land at Knockholt Road, Cliftonville, Margate (Cliftonville East)
Proposal: Could be used for additional garden space for adjacent properties
Site: Albion House, Ramsgate (Eastcliff)
Proposal: The majority of ground floor and basement retained for community use, building brought in line with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act, with the upper floors converted for residential use.
Site: Albion Place car park, Ramsgate (Eastcliff)
Proposal: Re-instating the early 19th century terrace for residential use.
Site: Land at Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs (Viking)
Proposal: Possibility of building one property and extending the gardens for neighbouring properties.
Site: Garage 3, Colemans Yard, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
Proposal: Possible residential conversion.
Site: Motor Museum, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
Proposal: Possible commercial use.
Site: Closed toilets Boundary Road, Ramsgate (Eastcliff)
Proposal: Possible commercial use, maybe as a café.
Site: Land at Greenfield Road, Ramsgate (Northwood)
Proposal: Possible use for garden extensions.
Site: Vere Road Car and Coach Park, Broadstairs (Bradstowe)
Proposal: Improved coach and car parking, with some residential development