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Thanet Farms Archive was formed in the Autumn of 2006, by Alan and Anita Hardcastle of Birchington, to assist in the preservation of the farming heritage of the Isle of Thanet.  It draws on Alan's experience as a local historian in Croydon, and his experience as having served as Archivist and Trustee of The British Ancestors in India Society; and was founded in response to the ever increasing encrouchment of urban development on the Isles farm land.
The archive collates material from private sources, and has a programme of interviewing those once connected to local agricultural industries.  In addition it has a collection of 18th- early 20th century agricultural hand tools from throughout the world, and of indentures relating to farming sites throughout Kent.
Eventually, it is planned, that the archive will be handed on to Kent Archives; who have expressed an interest in housing it.
As it is impossible to give public access to the material held by the archive, a series of publications are planned in order to disseminate as much information as possible. In the light of the fire at Ramsgate Library, It is felt that the best way of ensurring the survival of
information, is to publish it