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We have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic because we calculated the risk was too high.

How we calculated the coronavirus risk

We expect to be able to open at some point towards the end of the summer 2021.

Michaelís Bookshop is a fairly large shop, over 100 bookcases with lots of narrow passages between the shelves. Making it safe for the people who work here and the customers who browse the books is fairly complicated and depends on how things go with the virus over the next few years.

First a list of some of the things we are doing or considering doing.

1 Shop entry. We will need to control the number of people who enter the shop and check they are taking the precautions they are supposed to, masks, hand sanitiser etc. This means we will need an entrance area inside the front door where people can prepare for entry, alert us and we can let them in to the main part of the shop.

2 Ventilation, we are installing a system which blows fresh air into different parts of the shop.

3 We are considering the possibility of vaccine passports, these may become obligatory for non-essential shops, or they may be an option that we want to chose.

4 We have just purchased a van for the bookshop which will enable us to go out and about bookbuying much more safely. It has a toilet, handwashing area and will have a large strong surface that we can sort and appraise books on. This should make it much safer for us to go to people's houses, book auctions, bookfairs and other bookshops to buy book stock.