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Title 5
This relates to the cliff façade between the Ramsgate Cliff lift and old tunnel entrance by Augusta Stairs both marked in red.

The site boundary fence is marked in light blue.

The cliff façade can be split into three parts

Yellow portals I would guess this bit was built between 1940 and 1950

Green arches built I think in the 1930s

Mauve brick built in the 1860s

My initial complaint related to a blocked drain above the brick bit next to where the pillar is, the mauve bit that sticks out.
The picture above, taken this morning, is of the drain still blocked.

On 27th September 2010 I emailed the council's engineer, chief of development services, chief executive, the officer dealing with the development and the leader of the council expressing concerns about the safety of the Pleasurama cliff.

On the same day I telephoned the HSE about the same issue, particularly with reference to the construction workers now working beneath the cliff.

On the 29th September 2010 the HSE telephoned me and told me, that they had contacted the council and that the chief of development services had assured them that there were no safety issues relating to the cliff.

During the weekend 2nd 3rd October part of the cliff large enough to kill or seriously injure someone below, I would estimate that this cliff wall masonry weighed about 50 kilos fell from a height of about 15 metres, partly into the construction site and partly onto the public highway.

This was above the boundary on the mauve bit, more outside the boundary than in it.

This left further loose masonry hanging above where the building site joins the public highway.
You can see the lose bit in the picture above.

this is before it fell

and this one after.

This is where the rubble fell, you can see the site boundary fence in the picture, some fell inside most fell outside.  

Last Friday 8th October the council carried out some work on the cliff façade, this was mostly weeding and the removal of lose masonry.

This is of them removing a particularly stubborn tree, adjacent to the pillar above the site, the mauve lump.

This is the same place viewed from above this morning 11th October, you van see the site gates on the left, as you see it is inside the site.

As you see considerable work has been done on this part of the façade that is inside the site boundary.

I also mentioned to the council's engineer the weed growth in the portal yellow part of the façade.    

This is a picture of two panels before Friday's weed

This is the same two panels after Friday's weed.