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Ramsgate Tunnels
Publishers note.

I have added a centre sheet to Nick Catford's book because Bob Brimmell, the son of Dick Brimmell, who was the borough engineer and surveyor during the war came into the bookshop with the original plans for the A. R. P. tunnel system. You will find a copy of it below.

Since I published the book I have spoken to many of the people who sheltered in the tunnels during the war. I have also read some of the local newspaper accounts of bombing. The raids on Ramsgate were colossal relative to the size of the town. It's obvious that Dick Brimmell and A. B. C Kempe the then mayor, who between them were responsible for the A. R. P. tunnel system, saved an enormous amount of lives. Many of us here in Ramsgate today simply would not exist were it not for the foresight and determination of these two men.

I have added a couple pictures of the bomb damage to give you some idea of what I mean.

A.B.C. Kempe cutting the first chalk as work starts on the A. R. P. tunnel system

If you thought that a concrete shelter would be sufficient protection this is the Camden Sq wardens hut in August 1940 warden Kays inside at the time only broke his leg

This is La Belle Alliance Sq. November 40th 1940

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