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East Cliff Promenade Ramsgate   ·   East Pier, Ramsgate   ·   Royal Victoria Pavillion, Ramsgate   ·   New Road, Ramsgate, Early 1900s   ·   East Cliff Promenade, Ramsgate   ·   The Bay at Broadstairs   ·   The Promenade, Cliftonville, Early 1900s   ·   Cliftonville Sands, Early 1900s   ·   Tent Bathing, Westbrook, Early 1900s   ·   Stour River, Sandwich, Early 1900s   ·   The Sands at Margate from Westbrook   ·   Marine Palace on a Stormy Day, Margate, Early 1900s   ·   The Winter Gardens, Margate   ·   Newgate Gap, Cliftonville, Early 1900s   ·   The Undercliff, Ramsgate   ·   Cliffs End Village, Mid 1900s   ·   Ellington Park, Ramsgate, Early 1900s   ·   Broadstairs Sands, Early 1900s   ·   The Oval at Cliftonville, Early 1900s   ·   Harbour Parade, Ramsgate   ·   Ramsgate, Madeira Walk   ·   The Sands at Broadstairs   ·   Ellington Park, Early 1900s   ·   Ramsgate Harbour, Early 1900s   ·   Royal Esplanade, Westbrook, Early 1900s   ·   Margate Pier After Great Storm, Late 1800s   ·   The Pavillion, Ramsgate, Early 1900s   ·   The Pavillion, Ramsgate circa 1920s   ·   Ramsgate Sands, Early 1900s   ·   Granville Hotel, Ramsgate Late, 1800s   ·   South Eastern Railway Station, Ramsgate, Early 1900s   ·   Ramsgate Sands, Mid 1800s   ·   Kingsgate Bay, Early 1900s   ·   Ramsgate Harbour, Early 1900s   ·   Bleak House, Early 1900s   ·   The Pier at Margate   ·   The Harbour at Ramsgate   ·   Western Undercliff, Ramsgate   ·   Dickens Day Parade, Broadstairs, Early 1900's   ·   The Harbour Front at Ramsgate   ·   Ramsgate Sands & Pier, Early 1900's   ·   Madeira Walk, Ramsgate   ·   Thanet in the 1900s   ·   Madeira Walk, Ramsgate   ·   Winter Gardens, Margate   ·   Waterfall at Madeira Walk, Ramsgate   ·   Waterfall, Madeira Walk, Ramsgate   ·   Beach and Pavilion, Ramsgate   ·   Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate   ·   East Cliff Gardens and Bandstand   ·   Port Richborough 1917   ·   Port Richborough 1919   ·   Pictures of Thanet in the 1900s