Ramsgate Motor Museum
motor museum
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Situated on the Cliff-top at Ramsgate overlooking the English channel.
1st April - 30th September 10.30am - 5.30pm
Sundays only 10am - 5.00pm
ADULTS £3.50 OAPS £2.50
CHILDREN (Under 16 years) £1 UNDER 5's free of charge
An ideal outing for all the family Enquiries Tel: 01843 581948

1900:- Benz
1904:- De-Dion Bouton, Arrol, Johnston, Humberrette
1905:- Corre
1907:- Rover, De-Dion Bouton
1909:- Zedel, Renault AX
1910:- Phoenix, Renault
1911:- Swift. Austin
1912:- Humberrette            
1913:- Ford T Calcott    
1915:- Singer, Overland Roadster
             Ford T Delivery Van
1918:- Buick
1921:-  Rover, Lagonda, Pakard Roadster Citroen Cloverieaf, Wolsley
1924:- Bently 3 litre, Humber
1925:- MC Bullnose, Morris Oxford, Morgan, Ford T
1927:- Austin Seven
1928:- Ford A     
1936: Rytercraft Scooter Car. Vauxhall      
1937:- Packard Convertible
1938:- MG TA                
1939:- Standard, Ford V8 3dr Coupe Ford V8 91A Convertible
1951:- Ford Zephyr Mk 1
1953:- Ford Consul Mk 1
1958:- Messerschmitt
1959:- Heinkel. Trojan
1962:- Hillman Minx  
1964:- Ford Zephyr mk 3, Vauxhall Cresta Bond, Ford Anglia
1965:- Vauxhall Vx490, Hillman Super Minx
1966:- Vauxhall Viva
1967:- Jaguar E Type  -
1973:- Bond. Bug, Charly, Formular Ford (Merlin)
1984:- Sinclair C5

A.J.S. G. 31 GSR 500 C.C
A.J.S. Construction Unit 350 c.c.
Ariel Leader Two Stroke Twin 250 c.c.
B.S.A. A.10 Twin
B.S.A. A.65 Unit twin Construction 650 c.c.
B.S.A. M.20 Side Valve 500 c.c.
B.S.A. B.40 Single O/ Head Valve 250 c.c.
B.S.A. D.14 Two Stroke Single 200 c.c.
B.S.A., Side Valve Flat Tank 1921 500 c.c.
Cotton Single O.H, Valve 1930 250 c.c.
Coventry Eagle Two Stroke Twin Port 198c.c.
Coventry Eagle Two Stroke 98 c.c,
Cowthorpe Ivory Single 0/Head Valve 350c.c.
Cushman Delivery Trike Two Stroke Douglas 350 c.c.
Douglas Side Valve 1926 350 c.c.
Douglas 3 speed O/ Head Valve 1920 350 c.c.
Douglas Flat Tank 500 c.c.
Douglas Side Valve 1927 350 c.c.
Excelsior Ladies Bike Two Stroke 98 c.c.
Excelsior Two Stroke 150 c.c.
Francis Barnet Two Stroke Cruiser 249 c.c.
Francis Barnet Two Stroke A.M.C. 198 c.c.
Grimpeur Flat Tank Two Stroke 98 c.c.
Honda C.D. OHC Twin 175 c.c.
James Pineapple Two Stroke 1919 250 c.c.
James Captain Two Stroke 250 c.c.
Norton Commando Twin 650 c.c.
Royal Enfield Clipper 350 c.c.
Royal Enfield Two Stroke Flat Tank 223 c.c.
Sunbeam S.8 Twin 500 c.c.
Triumph Ex Police Con Unit 750 c.c.
Triumph Boniville Con Unit 750 c.c.
Triumph Trophy Single 350 c.c.
Triumph Daytona Twin 650 c.c.
Triumph Side Valve 1920 500 c.c.  
Triumph Terrior 1 5 0 c. c.
Velocette L.E. Twin Water Cooled 200 c.c.
Harley-Davidson A.M.F Elec Glide 1340 c.c.
Harley-Davidson Flat Tank 1915 lOOOc.c.
Ariel 3 Trike Two Stroke
Capri Model 80 Two Stroke
Durkopp Diana Two Stroke 194 c.c.
D K R Two Stroke 198 c.c.
Durkopp Two Stroke 194 c.c.
Heinkel Tourist 174 F/S
Lambreta Innocent & S/Car
Lambreta L.I. Two Stroke 125 c.c.
Motor Guzzi Two Stroke 160 c.c,
Motor Rumi Invicta Twin T/Stroke
Vespa Douglas Two Stroke 125 c.c. -  
Vespa Two Stroke 150 c.c.
Vellocette Vice Roy Twin 250 c.c.
Wall Auto Wheel Attachment T/Stroke 50 c.c.
Zundapp Bella Two Stroke 198 c.c.
Tina Automatic