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Ramsgate Holiday Guide For 1934

I had been trying to get a 1930s guide to Ramsgate for some time and eventually managed to buy this one, looking through it I was conscious of how much of our splendid town still remains and how very lucky I am to live here.

The guide, pictures and advertisements speak for themselves showing Ramsgate at its heyday, the spirit of pride in the town and success as a resort shines through every page.

Original copies of these old guides are difficult to find and usually too expensive for most people to buy, they are also rather frail the staples go rusty and the paper tears easily making them difficult to use.

I have endeavoured to retain the look and feel of the 1930s trying to get the reprint as close to my original as possible.

This guide was originally produced in A5 format i.e. half the size of this reprint however it looked so much better enlarged in this way to A4 that I have taken the liberty of changing the format.

I do hope that this charming guide will give you all as much pleasure as it is giving me, my thanks to Terry Wheeler who helped me to obtain it and Simon who works here on Saturday who's computing skills and work on the book has made it a better reprint than I could have produced.

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