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Title 9
In light of the latest missive from TDC perhaps you would kindly blog this.

For the record I did not get a response at all. What is clear is that TDC has failed to get to grips with the 106 at all
this matter has come up time and time again at the Consultative Committee (a statutory body) meetings - and we have wasted many hours of futile debate as TDC has not enforced it or dealt with it.

If anyone states in authority that the residents of Ramsgate have been dealt with fairly, the cry should be thus (and must be said pantomime fashion as that's what this 106 review has become) "Oh no they have not".

Ed the point here is that he got no reply.

Matt Clarke
Kent International Airport
PO Box 500
CT12 5BP                                   31 July 07

Dear Mr Clarke

Request for Mediation over Noise Complaints, Consultative Committee Guidelines and the 106 Agreement for KIA

Yesterday I requested a reference number from the National Mediation service -and this number is 20914 and they can be contacted on 0845 6030809 for verification.

I wish to address these concerns with yourselves and KIA under mediation.  I would therefore kindly request that you notify me in 14 days of your decision for mediation on receipt of this letter.  It may well be in all parties interests to mediate directly at TDC but that is for all the parties to agree on.

Yours faithfully

Mr M S Kirkaldie

CC:  National Mediation Service
         Brian White TDC