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All About Margate and Herne Bay
This very scarce Margate and Herne Bay guide previously published in 1866 is a companion to the one I published last month covering Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

Once again I have tried to keep the reprint as much like the original as I could, the only significant differences being that I have moved the coloured frontispiece to the centre, used the back cover from the Ramsgate book as my original lacks one and used the contemporary advertisements from the inside covers of the Ramsgate book on the back of the coloured picture.   

The author gives us a charming account of the Victorian seaside holiday when it was the task of fathers to see their families watered with the delights and perils to be encountered in so doing.

The hand coloured frontispiece by W. McConnell is a very scarce and desirable collectable in its own right, for it to have survived in one piece in an ephemeral guide for 141 years is truly remarkable.