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Clive Hart Must Go
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Holding Clive Hart to Account
Posted on February 19, 2011 by Clive Hart Must Go
We are a group of Labour supporters. We want Labour to win the May Thanet District Council elections.
Clive Hart is Leader of Thanet Labour Group. We think Clive Hart is a problem.
Clive Hart has been a poor Leader. Clive Hart has selected poorly performing candidates to represent Labour. We think that is wrong. Wrong for Labour. Wrong for voters.
We support hard working Labour councillors like Mark Nottingham.
We will be posting information so you can make your own mind up about Clive Hart.
Thanet District Councillor Mark Nottingham wrote an account of his deselection. This is available by clicking here.
It raises serious questions.
Read Clive Harts response to Mark Nottingham by clicking here.
Clive Hart did not respond to Mark Nottinghams questions.
Clive Hart promised to resign if Mark Nottingham remained a member of Thanet Labour Group.
I simply refuse to be the leader of a group with a member who behaves in the manner of Mark Nottingham. I therefore intend to stand down as the Leader of the Labour Group.
Clive Hart 27/1/2011.
Mark Nottingham is still a member of Thanet Labour Group.
Clive Hart is still Leader not a man of his word.
Clive Hart a man voters cannot trust.
Clive Hart a man damaging Labour.
Voters want politicians who keep their promises.
Clive Hart keep your promise resign.
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Holding Clive Hart to Account
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