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Title 5

Please log this as a complaint although in view of the fact that Folk Week is about to start I would appreciate it if any action is taken it is sooner rather than later.
My complaint relates primarily to the way the council are not promoting Broadstairs Folk week properly on the internet, but is also a complaint the way the council is promoting events in general on the internet I can only frame it in the context of the way the council promotes events in general.
The main Thanet events for the next then days as far as I understand are:
6-13 Broadstairs Folk Week
11-22 Lark in the Park Ramsgate
14-15 Monster Bass Ramsgate
14-15 Wantsum Jazz Fest Ramsgate
16-21 Ramsgate Week
The council has a section in its main homage entitled “Events” this has a series of links to events they are:
St. Laurence Church Fair - 7 August 2010
Millmead Childrens Centre Surestart Summer Fete - 17 August 2010
Lions Fete at Victoria Gardens
National Blood Service - Birchington Village Centre Association
Coast along for Water Aid Saturday 11 September 2010Quiz Night
24th Annual Model Ships Rally
Walk On The Wildside
Murderers Magicians Madmen & Monarchs
Macmillan Cancer Support- 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning!'
These links take you to pages on the TDC website, there doesn’t seem to any pattern or order to the events covered, either in terms of the date of the event or the importance of the event.
Some of the events lack either time, location or both.
The council’s header is and Adobe flash player animated image that would be visible on some computers (I should point out here that many Thanet residents are unable to afford up to date computers and are running old computers struggling to run later operating systems, so many just can’t run add-ons) this is promoting “Dippers and Dunkers” and “The Monster Bass”
All in all only one major event in the next ten days.
There is also a link under the events link “tourism events” leading to the external visit Thanet site, this takes you to a page listing:
6th - 13th August - Broadstairs Folk Week
16th - 21st August - Ramsgate Week
20th - 27th August - Dippers and Dunkers, Margate
28th September - 3rd October - Broadstairs Food Festival
2nd and 3rd October - International Kite Festival
The main substance of my complaint is that if the council is going to promote local events at all this should be done reasonably well.
Ordinary members of the public, most importantly potential visitors to this area, would assume that if the council either through its main website or the visit Thanet site that it links to, would show a reasonably accurate reflection of important local events in the current time frame.
Or in simple terms if they look at these two websites, which are the main places they would be likely to arrive from a search engine, if important events don’t appear, then they assume that those events don’t exist and they don’t come to Thanet.
When it comes to judging what is a major local event, far as I know all the major local events recently have had a council run tourism tent at them and as the council obviously considers that these events justify the expenditure, then they are already both aware of the major events and have a means of identifying which events are major.

Best regards Michael