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CAR PARKING REVIEW – Conservative Group Statement

Amid all the recent angst and comment regarding parking charges across the island, it seems pertinent to remind all of the nature of the parking review which was underway when the Conservative administration left office on 8 December.

Parking had been withdrawn from the annual fees and charges review, and a changed parking regime was to be consulted with members and others across the island in January 2012; for public consultation after presentation to Cabinet in March, for implementation in June.

The highlights of this review were:

# parking to be more demand led

# free parking to be available to help traders every Saturday of the year in one car park in each of the towns: Alpha Road, Birchington; Harold Road, for Northdown Road; Mill Lane, Margate; Cannon Road Ramsgate; Vere Road Broadstairs

# this represents an affordable model at a time of restricted budgets, costing £12,000 approx to the parking budget

Chris Wells, Shadow Cabinet Member for Communities added:

‘We left in place a simple, affordable model for parking, ready to be consulted upon for implementation next year. In addition the parking review was set to investigate what could be additionally done to assist lives of residents near and around the QEQM Hospital, many of whose lives have been reduced to misery by the hospital’s poor management of their own parking facilities. I hope the

incoming administration has the common sense to adopt these simple proposals, and not skew them in favour of particular areas of the island for political reasons.’


For information:

# the cost of implementing 30 minutes free parking in Birchington car parks would be a little under £10,000

# the cost of implementing 30 minutes free parking for Birchington High Street as well would be more than £40,000

# the cost of implementing 30 minutes initial free car parking across the island would be £233,000; more than 43% of car parking income

# these sums would have to be made up from council tax increases, or reduced budgets elsewhere