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1897: Entry in Gas & Electric Lighting Companies Directory and Statistics; with a List of
Chairmen, Managers, Engineers, and Secretaries, and Lists of Associations of Engineers and Managers of Gas and Electric Lighting Undertakings in all parts of the World
1824: Established
1877: Special Act
1878: Purchased by the Corporation of Ramsgate
1880: Special Act
1897: Population served: 30,000
Consumers: 3,577
Coal Carbonized: 15,,471 tons
Annual Make: 182,594,000 cf
Annual Sales: 164,677,000 cf
Computed loss: 9.8 percent
Sulphate Made: 72.5 tons
Tar Sold: not reported
Chairman: C. J. Gwyn
Engineer: W. A. Valon, CE
Secretary: George Cockburn
Office: Hardress Street
Also supplies St. Lawrence
(p. 161-162)
And, in 1897, apparently no carburetted water gas yet ... strictly coal gas.