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Title 18
I have been involved with some discussions with various people about the work to the Pleasurama cliff façade which to my mind has been a failure, an expensive failure at that.
There is a certain incongruity between the cliff repairs of last year that are disintegrating and the 100 year old lift that isn't
To an extent I have been fobbed off a bit over this one, excuses like it's caused by seagull droppings or sunlight, that certainly don't wash with me, have been mooted.  
Augusta Stairs is a concrete structure that has been there since the 60s and doesn't seem to be experiencing similar problems.

This picture is of block work just further along from the site that hasn't been touched for a number of years, it highlights the very worst part in terms of vegetation growth, I hate to think what the façade behind Pleasurama will be like in a few years time.  
I got a bit carried away photographing Augusta stairs, there is something strangely both addictive and repellent about the architecture of the brutal.
Unlike me these cars parked on the part where you have to pay, I wonder why? As it's further from the main sands.
Phew manage to stop taking pictures of concrete at last.
These two are shots down where the tombstoning goes on in Broadstairs, no wonder a lad got killed.
An amazing amount of stinking rotting seaweed in Broadstairs, apparently this seaweed which we used to use to fertilise our crops is now counted as toxic waste, so in Broadstairs the council appear to just leave it there.

Of course in Margate no effort is spared to remove it.
I got a bit carried away with the reflections here.
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