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In a message dated 1/30/2009 10:28:59 GMT Standard Time,

Good morning Michael

Thank you for your e-mail message. Work has started, and therefore the
planning permission has not expired.

You will be aware that the highway works surrounding the new building
are just about complete. It is part of the planning approval and, in
fact, required before the main scheme can commence.

Incidentally, Doug Brown and I will be in touch soon to arrange our
meeting at your shop in order that we can answer your questions about
the planning decision.

Brian White
Head of Development Services
Thanet District Council
Direct Dial: 01843 577007
Fax: 01843 298610

>>> <> 30/01/2009 12:42 >>>

Hi Brian I look forward to seeing you, bring a cigar.
The new road layout lose blocks on sand, part of which is actually on top of
the sea defence and effectively means that in a tidal surge storm, which as
you and I both know could easily demolish the pavilion, sweeping the remains
of it into the south-western end of the development, meaning that the only
access for emergency vehicles would be along Marina Esplanade where the waves
would be full of cobbles.
I canít see there is any real alternative to digging it up and starting
again, we have just seen the first of the prosecutions under the new corporate
manslaughter laws, where custodial sentences were handed out. Frankly this road
layout being considered as starting the development, when work started on it
after the EA strongly recommended an FRA just puts everyone in the frame.
Can a road layout like this be considered as starting the development?
I gather the EA have been consulting with Cardyís and the messages I am
getting from the EA sound as though they have been looking at completely
different plans to you and Doug.
There are also the arches under the incline the piped culvert that runs
under them has problems, the manhole cover is blown off by water pressure during
heavy rain so it could well leaking and be undermining the foundations. When I
spoke to Morgan Sproates about this because of the sewage contamination he
had been told that the pipe lead outside of the arches, he has since been down
there where you can clearly see the direction of the pipe going under the
The lower arches are single course supports and barrels so it only needs a
small amount of undermining, the upper arches are in a very poor state and
some of the red house bricks used in the construction crumble between you
fingers. The whole thong has a 40 tonne weight limit on it doesnít take much to
work out the stresses when a train of 3 or 4 40 tonne vehicles going down the
hill slam on their air brakes in an emergency.
Pictures of the arches taken yesterday
_ ( would
you and a few other council officers be prepared to take a few loaded HGVS
down there and slam the breaks on to see what happens, before we test it out
with busses full of people?

I have embeded one of the pictures in the email but as it contains a fair
amount of brick I don't know if it will get through the TDC flesh filter.

Best regards Michael

Subject: Re: Pleasurama planning permission Date: 30/01/2009 13:33:58 GMT Standard Time From:
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Good Afternoon Michael,

I understand that KCC are on the point of signing off the S278 highway works as complete.

Will be in touch re our afternoon meeting.


Brian White
Head of Development Services
Thanet District Council
Direct Dial: 01843 577007
Fax: 01843 298610