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Title 24
Good Evening
Forgive the email, but I'm trying to alert as many Ramsgate people as possible to the consultation arranged for Tuesday 11 November from 4pm to 9pm Albion House, Albion Place, when the next round of Thanet Council's asset disposals are out for public consultation.
The proposed disposal include:
Port Ramsgate East, west to historic harbour, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
In my view, this is perhaps the worst proposal. Piecemeal development for housing on this site in the current climate, could ruin a proper development plan for the whole port/harbour area.
Maritime Museum, Pier Yard, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
Option 1 for this site is to retain the Grade II listed building for the Museum. Other options would see it lost for commercial developments. Please let the Council know we want this retained for the Museum.
Land at Effingham Street, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
Land adjacent to 19 Liverpool Lawn, Ramsgate (Central Harbour)
Land at Irchester Street, Ramsgate (Eastcliff)
I have an open mind on these three, would be interested to hear from residents.

Cllr David Green
27 La Belle Alliance Square
Ramsgate, Kent,