Title 1     |    This series of pages of pictures of The Isle of Thanet mostly Ramsgate I have published to illustrate postings on the Thanetonline blog over the last few months, if you want more detailed explanations click here to go to the blog and work your way back through the old postings, 30.09.2008

Farming Isle
This booklet is the natural result of obtaining all this donated material. It draws from information kindly contributed, as well as our own research into individual farms. Although we have so much more deserving of publication, it would be clearly impossible to include it all in a single volume. Thus, we plan to produce further works, should there be sufficient interest in the one you are now reading.

It has not been our intention to draw upon the resources of Kent Archives, or from the various local history groups in Thanet, more than is necessary; as the material held by them is already in the public domain. To use that information would be to repeat everything that is either widely known or already available. Our purpose here has been to add to the knowledge of the area, and not to produce work in repetition.

We have tried to include something for everyone in this volume, from smuggling tales, claimed ghost sightings, and stories of personal tragedy; to wartime drama, personal reminiscences, and the obligatory cold facts and figures. Although the history of any local area is interesting, it is the story of the people who lived there, that makes it fascinating. We have attempted to recognise this when writing the text you are about to read.

If you have absolutely anything to contribute to the archive, however insignificant it may seem,  then please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.