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Title 8
From: ****@thanet.gov.uk
To: ****@aol.com, MichaelChild@aol.com,***@contemporaryartworks.co.uk, ***@cprekent.org.uk, ****@globaldatapoint.com, tonyflaig@googlemail.com, ****@hullabaloo-uk.co.uk, ****@mac.com, editor@tgnc.org.uk, ****@thebestof.co.uk, ****@tiscali.co.uk,****@virgin.net
Sent: 13/06/2011 12:35:36 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: TDC Press Release Mailing List
As you will no doubt be aware, local government in line with the rest of the public sector, is experiencing tough times and resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Thanet District Council is no exception to this. As a result, the council has been looking carefully at how all its resources are used. Following a review of the service offered by the council's Press Office, it has been agreed that we will be changing our approach in the future to concentrate our resources on the mainstream media.
We are contacting you as you are on the council's current mailing list for press releases. This was set up some time ago, when the e-mail list was the only way to subscribe to receive the council's press releases. This is no longer the case, as the council now has an RSS news feed available for people to sign up to as well as regular updates to press releases published on the TDC Website. Since the RSS feed was first introduced, we have been pointing people towards this and the website, rather than adding them to our e-mail group for press releases.
In light of this, we have reviewed the people that our press releases are being distributed to and, with the availability of RSS feeds, we are now reducing this list to cover mainstream newspapers, radio and TV only, in line with our new approach. As a result, we will be shortly removing you from the press release mailing list.
If you would like to continue to receive our press releases, you can subscribe to our RSS news feed by visiting: http://www.thanet.gov.uk/feeds/tdcnews.aspx
For any additional help with how to do this, please visit: http://www.thanet.gov.uk/advice__benefits/help_using_this_website/RSS_Feeds.aspx
Our latest press releases can all be found at:
If you have any requests for information in the future, please could you send these through to foi@thanet.gov.uk as any enquiries sent through to the press office in the future will be sent on to this address for actioning.
Kind regards,
**** ***
Corporate Information & Communications Manager
Business Services
Thanet District Council