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Dear Sirs

Comments and Observations in relation to Planning Application  

I wish to lodge a formal objection against approval of the Application in its current form.  The principle grounds of my objection are as follows:

That the car parking allocation for the retail store exceeds the provisions allowed by the Councils Policy
That the proposed car parking for Arlington House residents is wholly inadequate
That the noise and pollution generated by the retail store by way of up to 9000 traffic movements a day ( per the supplemental Technical Note) will have a detrimental environmental impact upon the residents of Arlington House
That there is not sufficient mitigation of the additional noise generated by store traffic and customers by way of external insulation of Arlington House
That the proposed operation of the store on a 24 hour basis is inappropriate in a residential area
That the installation of a roof top cradle is neither necessary nor appropriate -  more especially since  the Applicant  intends to impose the cost on the leaseholders of Arlington House
That the proposed staining does not sufficiently change the perception of Arlington House nor provide insulation against heat loss to reduce the buildings future carbon footprint

In support of my objections and additional other matters, I refer to the attached 34 page report detailing comments and observations in respect of the Councils Arlington Planning Brief and the plans and documents submitted by the Applicant.

Yours faithfully